Troubleshooting A Delta 8 Disposable Not Hitting

One of the many reasons for the popularity of disposables is their ease of use. These vapes are designed to simply take out of the package and use. Unlike a vape cart that goes into a reusable device, these are uncomplicated and easy options for those new to vaping Delta 8 or those with a lot of experience in the use of vape pens and devices.

Prior to issues regarding a disposable device, we recommend proper care of your disposable. Keep it out of hot areas, such as leaving it in your car. Also avoid leaving the device upside down or on its side as much as possible. Lastly, carefully read instructions on the packaging to ensure you are using the proper charger to avoid any type of shortages.

When a disposable Delta 8 vape pen doesn’t hit, there are a few ways to attempt to correct the problem. The first option is always to make sure there is oil in the pen. The number of hits you take per day influences the number of days the disposable vape will last.

In addition, check to make sure the battery is not dead. Connect the disposable to the charging system and wait to see the lights on the pen signal it is charging.

Clogged Mouthpiece

A relatively common issue with any vape pen is clogging in the mouthpiece. This typically occurs between uses, where a small amount of the oil or residue from the vape is left in the enclosed system and stays in the mouthpiece.

A simple solution is to draw harder on the mouthpiece to remove the residue bubble that is creating the clog. If that is ineffective, try placing an elongated paperclip very gently through the mouthpiece. You do not need to push hard or jab. A slight resistance followed by easy movement of the paperclip signals the blockage is removed.

Warming It Up

In some cases, and if the clog is deeper into the vape pen, try putting the disposable in a zip lock bag and sealing it completely. Place it in a bowl of warm but not extremely hot water. Let the pen sit to allow the heat to dissolve the clog.

Or if the device has a button used to activate the heat up process, push it a few times to help warm up the distillate that could be clogging your mouth piece. Most people will be able to clear their clogged devices with this method paired with a draw from the mouth piece to ensure there is no blockage.

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