At STNR, we strive to provide our customers with the latest in CBD products and information. It can be difficult to keep up, with new products constantly coming into the market as research and science detects new cannabinoids.

In 2022, one of the newest products on the market is THC-JD. This is a naturally occurring phytocannabinoid that is stronger than THC and other cannabinoids that naturally occur, while still being federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill.

Unlike Delta 8, which is found in relatively small amounts and is synthetically produced for manufacturing, THC-JD is extracted from the marijuana and hemp plants without chemical processes. It’s extraction process is similar to that of Delta-9 THC. Research and users indicate it is stronger than Delta-9 THC, and when combined with other cannabinoids, specifically Delta-8, it offers a more powerful result than Delta 9 THC alone.

What to Consider

There is a much smaller amount of naturally occurring THC-JD than THC in the plants, but it can also be produced by converting other cannabinoids. Cannabinoids will convert into other formulations of cannabinoids through aging and other processes within the plant or after extraction.

As THC-JD is very similar in structure to THC, it does produce a high, and this will vary between formulations and between individuals. Most of the THC-JD on the market today is sold in products that also have Delta 8, which helps to create specific wellness benefits, including a feeling of calmness and euphoria.

STNR offers several options in our Exotic Blend section that include THC-JD and other cannabinoids in vapes. For assistance with ordering or to keep informed of the latest in cannabinoid research, read our education section or contact us at 407-730-4357.

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