What Is Tetrahydrocannabiphorol?

One of the benefits of the legalization of industrial hemp products through the 2018 Farm Bill is the increasing research into the production and manufacturing of products with specific cannabinoids. One of the newest products on the market is THC-P, which has some amazing potential benefits from the use of this cannabinoid.

Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P), is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that was discovered only in late 2019. A group of cannabis researchers uncovered it by accident when applying more advanced chromatography-based analysis methods to a sample of the hemp plant. THC-P exist in the hemp plant naturally in very small amounts, which is probably why it took a bit longer to discover and why it’s price point within the industry is slightly higher than other cannabinoids offered.

What makes THC-P so interesting is how it appears to attach to the CB1 receptors in the brain at about 33 times the rate of delta 9 THC. This makes it a pretty powerful cannabinoid comparatively. Although it is a newer cannabinoid on the market, we have solid base knowledge on where it was founded and how it interacts with the human body. Many of our customers have noticed benefits from the use of THC-P. Too high of a dose may cause elongated effects, which is something to keep in mind for people who prefer shorter & slight effects to benefit them.

What to Expect

THC-P is correctly known as tetrahydrocannabiphorol. It is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in industrial hemp, and it can be extracted and purified for use. It interacts with the CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system, similar to cannabis.

However, the molecular structure of THC-P is different, resulting in a different and more complete binding to the receptor. The impact of this for users is a higher potential pain relief, a more euphoric feeling, and greater potential for helping those struggling with sleep problems. As with many natural products, the other ingredients combined with the THC-P can potentially lead to better sleep, reduced pain, or possibly even help to energize and focus, depending on the formulation.

Research continues into the benefits of using THC-P. Currently, we offer one gram and two gram rechargeable disposables or disposable products. For more information on the exciting potential of THC-P, check out our articles.

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