Tips For Choosing Safe Delta 8 Products

As with all types of CBD products, it is essential to choose Delta 8 products that are of the highest quality, produced safely, and meet the mandate of the 2018 Farm Bill. All CBD products, including Delta 8 products, are not recognized by the Federal Drug Administration as medications or approved for the treatment of specific medical issues. This means they do not fall under FDA regulations.

This does not mean that Delta 8 and CBD do not have health and wellness benefits; it simply means that at this time, there is no FDA monitoring or regulation of the specific products sold. This is similar to other supplements and herbal products sold over-the-counter in stores across the country.

Our Commitment to Quality Products

As a consumer using Delta 8 products, ensuring the choice of quality products is a priority. At STNR we make it easy to shop with confidence with our own line of STNR products manufactured completely in-house from start to finish. The following are quick and easy ways to determine the safety and quality of any Delta 8 products on the market today:

  • Reputable online seller – look for an online seller of Delta 8 products that has a top reputation with customers. Follow the seller on social media and take advantage of their newsletters and offers to find out about new products or get great deals on your favorites.
  • Certificates of Analysis – also called COAs, they should be posted on the website from independent, third-party labs. This is a chemical analysis that lists the cannabinoids, the dates of testing, and the specific sample provided.
  • High volume sales – websites that offer high volume sales have products that are fresh and offer a longer use before date. The seller should have information on the products on their website, with the option to ask questions and interact with their team through social media.

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