2 Gram Delta 8 Disposable | Tropic Thunder


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Flavor Profile:

  • Tropic Thunder
    • The strain’s moderate potency makes it suitable for consumption any time of the day, offering a mellow and manageable buzz that elevates the mood and alleviates stress. Its floral aroma transforms into a bitter, herbaceous mixture of flavors.

Terpene Profile:

  • Hybrid


  • 0.5 Ω Coil
  • 2ml Capacity
  • 800mah Battery
  • Rechargeable


  • Hemp-derived Δ8 THC Distillate
  • Natural Terpenes

Tropic Thunder 2 Gram Disposable

Hybrid strains of hemp are considered the ideal option for use throughout the day. While some hybrids can be more potent than others, most people prefer a moderate potency to use in the morning and during the day. This allows you to continue to work and will take advantage of the wellness benefits offered by these products.

One of the most popular of the moderate potency hybrids is Tropic Thunder. This hemp variety is reported to provide feelings of being energetic and creative while also helping to reduce stress and to uplift your mood. Initially, the smell of flowers is the primary aroma, but this changes into a deeper, richer earthy note that can be bitter to some or more citrusy to others.

The Best Vaping Experience

STNR offers our Tropic Thunder 2-gram disposable vape. As with all our vapes, it is ready to use right out of the package; no need to spend time filling or replacing cartridges or charging batteries.

However, our complete Tropic Thunder 2-gram disposable vape is rechargeable, ensuring you can enjoy the full 2 ml of hemp-derived Delta 8 THC distillate and the flavor of the natural terpenes. The system comes with sub ohm coil, providing a smooth, easy vaping experience.

Many of our customers at STNR choose to add these 2-gram disposables to their order to try out new products. They are the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of Delta 8 THC at a very reasonable price.

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