2 Gram THC-P Disposable | Krypto Chronic


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Krypto Chronic is a bold and intense way to experience the powerful effects of THC-P. With its earthy and pungent flavor profile, this disposable is perfect for those who prefer strong and robust tastes.

With every puff, you’ll savor the rich and spicy flavor of Krypto Chronic, with notes of pine and citrus that create a complex and satisfying taste. The terpenes in this disposable provide a natural and authentic taste that enhances the bold and intense notes, creating a full-bodied and flavorful experience.

This THC-P Disposable is ideal for those who seek a potent and long-lasting high that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and contented. The Krypto Chronic Terpene Flavored THC-P Disposable is the perfect way to unwind and de-stress after a busy day or to enjoy a moment of tranquility on your own. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis user or new to the world of THC, this disposable is the perfect choice for a strong and flavorful experience.

Terpene Profile:

  • Hybrid


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