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White Widow – A world wide classic! Discovered in the Netherlands back in the 90’s, White Widow has made a name for itself with its pungent earthy, tropical fragrance and potent effects. Expect to experience a burst of euphoria + energy that is sure to get those creative juices flowing.

  • Terpene Profile: Sativa

Try Our Delta 8 Caviar Cones White Widow

Caviar Cones are a unique product that is sure to have a powerful impact. They are a pre-roll product that comes in a unique shape, wider and thicker at the top and narrower at the base. However, they are very different from a traditional pre-roll as they are coated with kief, which is a collection of trichomes that have fallen off the hemp flower during production.

Prior to the kief, STNR pre-rolls are dipped in distillate to both enhance your smoking experience as well as aiding the kief to adhere to the pre roll itself. all products used in our White Widow caviar cones are 100% hemp-derived from the flowering terpenes to the distillate and papers they are rolled on. This means even though these are potent pre-rolls, they are made with ingredients that are fully compliant with federal law.

History of White Widow

White Widow is perhaps one of the best-known Sativa strains. It was originally produced in the Netherlands in the 1990s and is now available around the world. It is known to have a more earthly and tropical scent, which is very distinctive and easily recognized. White Widow offers a powerful burst of energy and a feeling of euphoria that will help you feel wonderful throughout even the most hectic day.

Like all pre rolls, Caviar Cones are convenient and easy to use. Since they are uniformly rolled, they offer a smooth, consistent burn. Each of our Caviar Cones comes in a protective container that keeps them fresh.

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