Delta 8 & Delta 9 Infused Gummies



STNR Creations Delta 8 & Delta 9 Infused Gummies

Delight in the exquisite balance of wellness and pleasure with STNR Creations Delta 8 & Delta 9 Infused Gummies. These premium hemp-derived gummies offer a harmonious mix of potent Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC, providing an unparalleled cannabinoid experience. Each THC gummy is meticulously crafted to ensure a perfect balance of these two cannabinoids, delivering a unique experience that caters to both the body and the mind.

Effects of THC Gummies

Ideal for those seeking relaxation, our gummies promote a sense of calm and well-being. The Delta 8 component is known for its ability to induce mild euphoria without the intensity often associated with Delta 9 THC. In contrast, Delta 9 THC offers a more pronounced effect, contributing to the overall synergistic impact of these gummies. Perfect for unwinding after a busy day, these gummies are your go-to for consistent, reliable relief and enjoyment. Indulge in the superior quality and effectiveness of STNR Creations products, and elevate your wellness regimen to new heights.

Flavor Profiles

Savor the tangy kick of Sour Blue Raspberry, the refreshing twist of Watermelon Lemonade, and the exotic zest of Baja Blast. Our gummies are designed for those who seek a harmonious blend of relaxation and subtle euphoria. With precise dosing, our gummies ensure a consistent experience every time. Perfect for unwinding after a long day or for those moments when you need a gentle uplift. Embrace the fusion of flavor and wellness with our Delta 8 & Delta 9 Infused Gummies.

Ingredient Details

  • 110mg Δ-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol / Delta 8
  • 15mg Δ-9-Carboxy-Tetrahydrocannabinol / Delta 9
  • 20 Gummies per Unit
  • 125mg total THC per individual piece.
  • Three Flavors: Baja Blast, Sour Blue Raspberry, Watermelon Lemonade

Additional information

Weight .02 lbs

Baja Blast, Sour Blue Raspberry, Watermelon Lemonade


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