A Beginners Guide On How To Use A Delta 8 Disposable Pen

Disposable vape pens are both convenient and easy to use. They are a popular option for those new to vaping and those who enjoy the convenience of a quality vape in a small, discrete pen. Learning how to use a Delta 8 disposable pen is quick, easy, and free from any complications or confusion.

Using a Delta 8 disposable pen provides a precise vaping experience without the cost and challenges of using mods or other reusable vaping devices. These are also extremely affordable and provide a great way to try different strains and flavor profiles to find the ideal match for your Delta 8 disposable pen preferences and taste.

Getting Started

The first thing to keep in mind about how to use a Delta 8 disposable pen is that you do not have to worry about loading the pen itself. It comes with the hemp-derived distillate already loaded in the device.

You can choose from Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica strains. The natural terpenes in the various strains add unique flavors. The strain itself will determine the effects you will experience, from feeling uplifted and energetic to more relaxed and mellow.

Choose a pen that is comfortable in size. At STNR we offer a variety of sizes and shapes for our disposable vape pens. They are not all shaped like old-style e-cigs on the market. Once you have the pre-filled pen, simply remove the packaging and enjoy your new device by taking a draw from the mouth piece. Most of our devices are auto-draw meaning you don’t have to turn it on and can just hit the device without pushing a button. Our 2 gram devices DO have a button which boost up the wattage offering stronger hits, however that is NOT a power button to turn on/off the device. On our new 2.5 gram devices however, the button is used to turn on/off the device with 5 clicks. It will also act as a boost button once the device is turned on-Ideally, start with small inhalations or draws on the mouthpiece if just learning how to use a Delta 8 disposable pen. Keep in mind, the full effects will not be immediate but will be felt within a few minutes and will peak between 30 and 90 minutes later. Effects will last about four to five hours for most people.

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