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Leading The Way With Kratom Gummies

STNR focuses on adding products our customer’s demand. One of our newer product offerings is our branded kratom gummies. Like all our products, we have created a unique citrus gummy that features kratom, a traditional herbal ingredient used throughout Southeast Asia for centuries. Kratom is produced from the leaves of a tropical evergreen tree. There are different types of kratom on the market, but it all comes from the Mitragyna speciosa green. In Southeast Asia, the leaves are often steeped into a tea, or they can be chewed throughout the day as needed.

Enjoy STNR Kratom Gummies

For large-scale production of kratom gummies, a kratom extract is produced that is used to infuse the gummies. Our citrus flavored kratom gummies are bright and slightly tangy but also offer a boost to get you through the day.

As with any type of natural product, individual responses will vary. We recommend starting with a half or a quarter of a gummy and then adjusting your intake based on your body’s response. Our kratom gummies are easy to consume anywhere and can be taken at any time.

STNR makes it easy to combine your purchase of CBD products, including Delta 8, THC-P, HHC, and exotic blends with kratom gummies, at one convenient, trusted online store.

STNR also provides kratom gummies wholesale for other retailers. For more information on our kratom gummies wholesale options, or to complete a wholesale application for any of our STNR products, simply complete our online form.

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