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Equipping yourself with the right accessories is essential to fully enjoy the diverse range of products we offer at STNR. We aim to simplify your shopping experience by providing a one-stop-shop for all your needs, be it Vape, Edibles, Flower, or something as simple as a STNR Clipper Lighter.
For enthusiasts of our One Hit Chillum, having a reliable lighter at your disposal is indispensable. The annoyance of settling down for a relaxing smoke only to realize your lighter is missing can be a mood spoiler.

Introducing the STNR Clipper Lighter

The market is flooded with a myriad of lighters, most of which are disposable and crafted with inferior quality. Many of these lighters are unreliable after just a few uses. With STNR Creations Lifestyle Accessories, we’ve chosen to elevate the standard by offering lighters that embody quality and reliability. STNR Clipper lighters stand a class apart, engineered with premium materials and designed to offer superior functionality.These lighters come with a safety feature that renders them child-resistant, alongside a fixed flame feature to prevent accidental burns, which could occur if the flame setting inadvertently shifts to the maximum – a common issue with many lighters.

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