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Options in 2.5 Gram Disposables

Disposables are some of the most popular vaping options, particularly when they are the high quality 2.5-gram disposables offered by STNR. STNR offers the best in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica strains combined with amazing terpene flavors for all your vaping needs.

Our Disposables

As a general guideline, expect about 350 draws per gram with any type of disposable vape. This will vary based on the length of your inhale, with longer pulls taking in more of the product.

While 1 gram disposable vapes are still popular, the new technology and the robust designs in our 2.5-gram disposables make them ideal for many of our customers. All our vapes are made from non-GMO ingredients and offer a full range of cannabinoids that complement the product.

This includes the presence of Delta 8, Delta 10, THC-P, and THC-JD, made from exceptional quality, hemp-derived distillate. Powerful and flavorful, these are the vapes that provide the desired effects of the strains they are filled with.

Our disposable vapes are also rechargeable using a standard USB type C charger. They come with a SUB-OHM coil and adjustable airflow to customize the experience.

Whether you enjoy vaping on an occasional basis or as part of your daily routine, you will enjoy the flavors and quality found in STNR disposable vapes. For assistance with any part of your order or questions about our products, call us at 321-323-0531.

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