STNR Creations COA and Lab Results

At STNR Creations, our commitment to quality and transparency is paramount. We understand that when it comes to wellness products, you want assurance that what you’re consuming is not only effective but also safe and compliant with all regulations.

Our Testing Process

Each of our premium products undergoes rigorous testing at independent, third-party laboratories. These tests are designed to confirm the potency and purity of our products, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality.

What We Test For

  • Potency: To ensure consistent effectiveness, we measure the levels of cannabinoids, like CBD, Delta 8, Delta 10, and THC-P.
  • Purity: We screen for any unwanted chemicals, including pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents, to confirm that our products are free from contaminants.
  • Profile: Terpene analysis is conducted to identify the aromatic compounds that give our products their unique flavors and contribute to their therapeutic effects.

Understanding Your COA

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a document issued by the testing laboratory that confirms a regulated product meets its product specifications. They include test results for potency and contaminants.

When you view a COA, you’ll find:

  • Product Details: The name and the product type.
  • Cannabinoid Profile: The concentration of each cannabinoid present in the product.
  • Safety Testing: Results of the screenings for contaminants.

Accessing Our COAs

We believe in full transparency. All our product pages include a link to the COA for easy access. You can view and download the COA for your specific product by entering the batch number located on the product packaging.

Our Promise

We’re committed to not only meeting but exceeding industry standards. Our products are legal, compliant, and crafted with your well-being in mind.

For any questions regarding our COA and lab results, or to learn more about our testing procedures, please contact us.

STNR Creations 2 Gram THC-A Disposable COA ans Lab Results
3 Gram THC-A Disposable COA and Lab Results
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3 Gram THC-A Wedding Crasher Disposable COA and Lab Results
THC-A Flower
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